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Big Night in Basketball


lakers heat

Thursday night is going to be an exciting few hours in the NBA and NCAA. Some big teams and schools face off in a battle for bragging rights and a chance to up their ranking as an elite basketball team. The Lakers play the Miami Heat in a battle between Kobe and Lebron for best in the business. 3rd ranked Duke tries to bounce back from Saturdays loss at NC State, playing Georgia Tech at a wild Cameron Indoor Stadium. Also the 5th ranked Michigan Wolverines battle the #9 Minnesota Golden Gophers for a chance to atop the Big Ten Conference. Each game has large implications on whether each of the teams are elite as they are.

This years has been rough in Lakerland. I don’t need to get into all the details, but we know its pretty ugly. Now with back to back blowouts against the Cavs and Bucks, Kobe and the Lakers are looking to defeat the reigning champions and new 20,000 point member Lebron James. Beating Miami would be huge for the Lakers. This would show that the Lakers aren’t fully out of the picture yet. Kobe wants to win so badly he just needs some help on the defensive end.

Duke took a tough loss Saturday in Raleigh, ending their undefeated season. Ryan Kelly was a big blow to their 3pt shooting and their front court defense. Though at home in Cameron Indoor the Blue Devils are as tough as ever. Georgia Tech is trying to get back up as a top ACC team. But with Duke and NC State running the show its hard to pass by them. Also with top programs such as Syracuse and Louisville joining in the next couple years. things are only to get more tough for struggling ACC teams. In my opinion, Duke wins big behind Quinn Cook and Mason Plumlee.

Last week all undefeated teams fell from there hallowed spots. One of them was Michigan. Now at #5, the Wolverines are trying to be back up the AP Poll. A win against #9 Minnesota would do just that. The Golden Gophers only loses came against Duke in the Bahamas and last week at Assembly Hall in Indiana. They are a legit team would can win the Big Ten. To me that conference is a three man race between Michigan, Indiana and Minnesota. Whoever wins that game will be a favorite to win the Big Ten.

With all the exciting games tonight, we hope that they all are as exciting as they sound. I’m always going for the Lakers and Duke. I’ll think Michigan will keep it close, but in the end the Golden Gophers win because of home court and great basketball.

duke bball


The Four That Finally Went Down.

final 4


The fall of the unbeaten’s started with Wyoming. Josh Adams made two free-throws with 9.1 seconds left to give Wyoming the lead. But they soon crumbled as Boise State’s Jeff Elorriaga hit a corner three to win the game, the final score: Boise State: 63 Wyoming: 61.

The Next Day Arizona came to Eugene to play the Oregon Ducks. Arizona was down 12 with less than three minutes to go in the second half, they never gave up. They came back to within 3 with less than a minute to go in the game. Arizona’s Nick Johnson was coming up the court trying to get to the 3-point line, but then he lost the ball and Arizona lost the game 70-66.

Two days later Duke faced off against NC State. With Ryan Kelly out for Duke, it would be a tough game for Duke. But with 3:20 left in the game Seth falls awkwardly on his foot. This could be another big blow for the Blue Devils as they lost 84-76.

And today Michigan. Ohio State’s 1st half start rode them through the game. Michigan’s Trey Burke shot a three point shot to tie the game but it went in-n-out and the Buckeyes won the game 56-53.


Exciting Divisional Saturday in the NFL

Ray and Peyton

Today was another day of showing that when down in the final minutes, you should never give up. These words of encouragement described the Baltimore Ravens come from behind win over the top seeded Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium this late afternoon.

Joe Flaco took the field with just over a minute left near his teams own 10-yard line. His team down by a touchdown with no time outs would have to make a game tying drive that would take 90 yards to do so. 30 seconds later at the Ravens, Flaco threw a bomb down the sideline hoping for something to happen. His receiver Jarrett Jones caught the pass and ran 70 yards for the touchdown. Tie game. An overtime quarter later the Ravens were going to their 2nd straight AFC Championship Game. Also Ray Lewis will play another football game. After announcing to retire at the end of the season Ray Lewis is determined to go all the way and end his career a champion and the greatest linebacker in the history of the NFL. His resumé is pretty convincing will many awards and accomplishments. Ray Lewis is also one of the most fear players in the NFL. To me he would be my most afraid person to get hit by.

As the Ravens play another week they will be playing away either in New England or Houston. I’m cheering for the Ravens now as they proved to be a worthy Super Bowl team with that amazing win in Denver. Whether they play the Texans or Patriots it will be a tough matchup. Baltimore has worked hard to show that they are a ligament contender in the NFL. Thats why they’re my new favorite to win the AFC and move on to the Super Bowl.

No New Members Elected to MLB Hall of Fame

baseball hof

Yesterday the MLB announced its annual new Hall of Fame members, but this year was a little different. A steroid filled ballot, the voters elected no new members to be enshrined. This years candidates included Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Rodger Clemens, all will questionable PED’s use in their past.

Although Clemens was evicted and never failed a drug test, many still believe he used HGH. The Rocket won over 350 games and won a record 7- Cy Young Awards in his 24 years in the MLB. Sosa hit over 500 home runs most of them for the Chicago Cubs. We all know about Bonds. To be honest I truly dislike Barry Bonds. I truly believe he took steroids and thats why he is the has the record for most home runs. To me the true home run king is still Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth. We know that they could’t have used steroids back then, since they were untested or not nearly as available as they are today.

Craig Biggio, an amazing player. Biggio had over 3,000 hits in his career that only 27 other players in the history of the MLB have achieved. He was the leading vote getter but did not make the cut. Neither did anybody else who did not use steroids. Curt Schilling, Mike Piazza, Larry Walker all didn’t use steroids but they should have made it.

Next year will bring new players that are for sure to get in. It includes Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas. These players are for sure to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

A Step Closer To A Super Bowl.

Playoffs 2013

I never expected these elite eight teams in the playoffs. Lets start with the Ravens and the Broncos. The Ravens need whatever they have left to beat the Broncos because the Ravens are playing in the mile-high city. The Ravens also need to stop Peyton Manning holding him to at least two touchdowns, not three or more or they will lose by a beating. But I think the Ravens will get motivated by Ray Lewis and the Ravens will escape Denver and the retirement tour will continue for Ray Lewis.

Lets continue with the last AFC match-up the Texans and the Patriots. It will not be the game like in Week 14, not even close to what the score will be like on Sunday. This game will be the game of the week. If  J.J. Watt and his D-Line can pressure Tom Brady, I think  the Texans have a chance of winning the game. This game will be close, but in the end the Patriots will win.

Packers and the 49ers both great teams. This will be a slug fest. It depends on who makes the first turnover, the most turnovers, and the last turnover. The team that wins those stats loses the game. I think the Packers will win the game by at least two touchdowns.

The Falcons and the Seahawks the game I did not expect to happen. The Seahawks can’t depend on a rookie QB. The Falcons will win big.

The AFC Championship: Ravens vs Patriots. The NFC Championship: Packers vs Falcons.

Why The Sacramento Kings Should go to Seattle.


The Super-Sonics haven’t had an NBA team since 2008. People in Seattle are desperate for a team to come to Seattle. They’ve  found the right team… The Sacramento Kings. As of right now the Kings  are slowly closer to losing their lease on The Power Balance Pavilion. Yahoo has predicted the Kings to move too Seattle before the start of the next season. Which will make Seattle fans happy. If the Kings do move to Seattle they have to be called the Seattle Super-Sonics.  It wouldn’t matter for Kings fans because they are one of the lowest fan bases in the country.

logo kings

Thanks for reading what would want to do for the Kings organization.

Why the Sacramento Kings Shouldn’t Go To Seattle


A report came out today that Seattle investor Chris Hansen contacted the owners of the Sacramento Kings, wondering if the basketball team is up for sale. No deal was reached, but offers were made to buy the struggling basketball franchise. Hansen already has deal in place that would build a new NBA caliber area in downtown Seattle. The city has been without an NBA franchise since 2008, when the SuperSonics moved to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most NBA fans know that they’ve done pretty well since moving to OKC reaching the Finals last year only to fall to the Miami Heat in five games. Many people speculate whether they should move up north or not, but my job right now its to explain why they should stay right where they are in central California.

Though the Kings are a struggling franchise, they remain to have a loyal fan base. This isn’t the first time the teams hasn’t though out about moving. Last year there was speculation whether the team would head south to Anaheim. That plan was scratched and the team remained in Sacramento. Their fans stuck through that questionable time and are still there night after night cheering their team on. Second the Kings are the only main sports franchise in the county. Without them their fans would turn to rooting for different politicians at the State Capitol Building. Third the city isn’t that big. With that the teams wouldn’t be hound by the press when out in public in Sacramento. Seattle is a large city. With a new team people would be around the teams for weeks asking them for autographs and memorabilia like that. Thats why I say the Kings should stay in Sacramento.

Where ever the Kings go to I wish them the best. Except when they play the Lakers. Then I don’t want them to do so good. But against anybody else I hope they do just fine.